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The Smoke Room

Low & Slow cooked cuisine

Using modern techniques and methods to bring an authentic smoking experience.  We smoke our meat & veg using hickory blended wood chips, and we've created our own rub mix that complements every dish.


Our Story

The inspiration for the restaurant came from my many travels across America, I still remember the first pit shack I visited, so rustic, a bit rough round the edges, but the quality of the food was amazing. The pit master told me, "It's all done Low & Slow". This is how to get the meat so super juicy tender and full of flavour.

We're recreating this method and bringing an authentic experience to Hull, adopting the slogan Low & Slow, perfecting the up to 14 hour smoking process in our imported American Smoker, using a hickory blend of wood chips.


Our Socials & friends

Image by Deeksha Pahariya
Image by Alexander Shatov
Image by Alexander Shatov
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